Dancer's best friend: Hairspray

In the last years girls have been asking me questions about the competition styling over and over again. Therefore I decided to share my experience with you :-)

Here is my first suggestion...


The first step to a professional competition styling: don't be afraid to use enough hairspray. Don't worry, I've never seen a girl who would want to use an overly excessive amount of hairspray the first time, so just keep spraying.

Your hair will need to keep their shape for the whole competition. There mustn't be a single hair sticking out of your hairstyle. You will need to use a hairdryer as well. Spray the hairspray on your head, sweep your hand over it and use the hairdryer. Your hair should be very hard now but don't worry, it will all go out with your hair wash. To avoid little white dots use the hairdryer in the cold mode. And always sweep your hand over your hair ;-) 

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