Camps for Princesses and Champions

The college holidays were really tough for us. After four days in the Bundessportzentrum Schielleiten (Styria, Austria) we went to Munich (Germany), where the top couples from all over the world participated in the Artistic Camp.


What you absolutely need for a dancesport camp...


Heel protectors and practice shoes

While wearing dancing shoes at a camp, I always use at least one pair of heel protectors a day. That's why I usually practice with practice shoes and I only wear ballroom shoes for the private lessons and the daily supervised practice.


Plasters and tape

In spite of wearing practice shoes most of the time, your feet will still need to stay in the dancing shoes longer than usually. That's why you will probably face blisters. In order to prevent blisters use tape on the spots that are most vulnerable - that helps for sure!


Sport gel

After the first two days in the beautiful castle my muscles start to hurt. Don't forget to take sport gel with you to support the regeneration process.


Many, many T-shirts, bodies, practice wear and underwear!

If you've never been to a dancesportcamp before, you may underestimate the amount of clothes you'll need. Plan to use at least three t-shirts a day, otherwise you'll have to wash some by hand - so take a travel-ready detergent with you. But believe me - you won't have the time, energy or motivation to start washing your clothes there.


Sheets of paper and a pen

You'll receive a lot of information your body can't deal with at once. Don't forget to pack a pen and a pad so you can write everything down.



A camera (a mobile phone will be sufficient) is one of the most important things. If your coach changes your routine, you should make a video so you can later remember what you are supposed to do. Additionally, you can film the top couples in order to learn from them - you are allowed to steal their moves ;-)


Bananas, glucose, bottles of water and co

Drinking is very important, especially when you move the whole day. You should also carry little snacks with you to refill your energy. You should particularly stock up on fruits, cereal bars, nuts and glucose.


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