Hair or makeup, what comes first?

Have you ever asked yourselves where to begin when creating your competition styling? By doing your hairstyle before applying makeup you risk having a sharp line between your hair and forehead. The other way round you might cover your forehead by a layer of hairspray which can either lead to a not very pretty mask effect or even cause makeup to peel off your forehead.


My solution:


I begin by applying makeup. After having applied the foundation I apply a dark powder at the hairline, moving the brush in short zig-zag movements which helps me avoid the sharp line between my face and hair. I use this method not only in the face but on the whole head including the back of the neck in order to spare myself a few acrobatic exercises under the hair bun later on. Do not forget the hidden spots behind the ears!


When applying the hairspray afterwards, I protect my forehead by my free hand in order to avoid any sticky spots on my makeup J

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