How to reduce “panda-eyes”

In the past, I often struggled with the problem of dark eye shadow falling on my cheeks. When I tried to wipe it away, it left dark stains under my eyes which made me look like a panda bear. It is really tedious to get rid of these stains and replace them with more make-up afterwards. I even tried to incline my head facing the floor in order to avoid the eye shadow falling on my cheeks but it is very difficult to make yourself up in this way. There is, however, a very easy solution.


After having applied your makeup, use a rather large amount of light powder under your eyes (photo 1, 2 and 3). Among other things, it hides the dark circles under your eyes after having gotten up at 5am in order to prepare yourself for the comp J. After having applied your eye shadow completely (photo 4) you can simply wipe the powder away using a big brush (photo 5 and 6).


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