Ballroom Hairstyle Tutorial - shoulder-length Hair


Finally! My first video is ready. All too often can you see ladies with simple hair pins at a competition, or even worse with loose, flying hair. Hairspray still belongs to the world of myths and fairy tales for some. You are not just about to have a shower. You are going to a dancing floor, taking part in an artistic sport. That's why you should be styled accordingly. Never forget - a good impression is a part of the success! Judging criteria or not, you will always get a few beauty points. Have a look at how to make a competition hairstyle for women with shoulder-length hair. It looks complicated but it's really quite simply done.


What you need:


Hairpins in different sizes

Strong hair rubber bands - preferably in your own haircolor

Hairnets (large ones)

Tail comb

Extra strong hairspray

Extra strong pump hairspray

Rhinestones and lash adhesive

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