Vienna Dance Concourse

Last weekend, the beautiful city hall of Vienna hosted the yearly Vienna Dance Concourse, this time including the Viennese regional championship. Since Vienna is my hometown, I am afraid I can't promise you a perfectly impartial report.


Those, who have never had the pleasure with the Vienna Dance Concourse before, will certainly be surprised by the location. If you are expecting the usual contrast between stunning princess dresses and sport halls falling apart where the color is peeling off the walls and one would rather shoot himself than to touch anything there, forget it quickly. Unlike at other comps, the atmosphere here actually matches the dancers' outfits. However, you should think twice before packing your suitcase too heavy since there are quite a few stairs waiting for you. Well, the warm-up is taken care of. When you accomplish the staircase challenge and reach the upper floor, you can immediately notice the perfect light and very much breathable air in the hall. Everything seems to be on schedule. Well, of course, some of the waiting times could be kept a little shorter in order for the couples not to falls asleep during the day and then move on the floor like having just come back from their shifts as extras on The Walking Dead.


The floor is something you have to get used to. It is twice as long as wide which results in some nasty collisions in the middle and the Darwinian survival of the fittest comes to mind. Should you insist on using your floorcraft, prepare your shoes well, the floor repays every bigger movement by slipping away under your feet. The music is (apart from a few not so well chosen exceptions) very good. The warm-up floor, which is larger than many competition floors, is an extremely positive surprise.


By and large, however, the critique presented above is rather hairsplitting. The Concours is a very beautiful, high level competition you really should not miss.


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