Push-ups - not a man-thing only


Push-ups are normally seen as THE exercise for men. Women are often afraid of including it into their fitness routine because you never know, what if you woke up the next morning with a body builder's arms? Well, of course, that's a nonsense. Ladies, it's about time to declare war on the pudding in your arms!



Starting position:

Keep the feet at hip width, place your hands under the shoulders. The head is in one line with the spine.



Bend arms slowly, the body keeps a straight position. Go as deep as possible, then slowly press yourself back up to the starting position. If you primarily want to address your triceps muscles, place your hands closer to each other in order to achieve a narrower base.


There are number of possibilities how to include the exercise into your training. Since most ladies are not used to doing it on a daily basis, do not expect to be able to do dozens of repetitions from the first minute. Begin humbly and maybe try a little challenge - do as many push-ups as possible

on the first day, then try to do one more on the next day and so on.

How many do you manage after 30 days?


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