My Hair Styling Shopping List

In order to create the perfect hairstyle, you should have some basic equipment at your disposal. You don't actually need so much - this is my shopping list:

  • Hairspray - taky the strongest one you can find, I currently use Syoss
  • Hair nets - in your hair color!!!
  • Hairpins - various sizes and shapes, take the ones that resemble your hair color
  • Scrunchies - again - your haircolor
  • Hairbrush
  • Tail comb and/or back-combing comb
  • Hair dryer - with cool setting
  • 2 mirrors - for example the bathroom mirror and an additional pocket mirror



  • Hair accessories - rhinestones, feathers, pearls, flowers etc.
  • Glue - to attach your hair accessories; eyelash glue is the best choice
  • Styling foam - for even better results

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