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The Kiev Open Championship takes place in the middle of a park, in the "AKKO International Exhibition Centre". Here are some impressions from our first competition in the Ukraine.

In Bucharest, the reality slaps you in the face pretty hard. The majority of the buildings is damaged and cries for reconstruction. The image above does not show the entrance to our accommodation but it is pretty close. We were not staying in a particularly rich part of the town but if you go to the centre, the impression will not be much different. On the other hand, everything costs peanuts here - the cheapest taxi ride will cost you 25 Euro Cents per kilometer.

If you want to dance an international competition and you don't want to spend a fortune, Romania is the right place for you. We drove 800 to Sibiu (and back). Is it worth it?

The sun is shining, the beach and the refreshing see is highly seducing, the holiday feeling could not be more perfect. It's 35°C out there. Still, a few insane beings put on their tail suits, long dresses and get ready to sweat on the floor. Welcome to Kavala!

A hot pre-summer weekend in Szeged. If you still feel up to it at this point, Szeged is the right place to pimp up your bikini body before the holidays.

Olomouc - a Czech town only two hours' drive from Vienna. A beautiful place with a very nice competition.

Done! My newest video is finished. A simple but very elegant hair bun for those with long hair with similarly easy but handsome rhinestone decoration! Have fun and don't forget to share :-)
You simply do not want to miss the probably most amusing masters of ceremonies in the history of dancing competitions. A very nice and well organized competition.

Another comp in Romania. The waiting times aspire to a Guinness record. We really had the time of our lives (ba dum tss).

Finally done! First video for simple ballroom makeup :-) :-) :-) Enjoy it and feel free to comment and share.

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