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This is the first time I've tried to do an high bun. Thanks to my model Eva for the time she spent. I hope you like the video and I am glad if it helps you. Please share, like or comment :)
In order to create the perfect hairstyle, you should have some basic equipment at your disposal. You don't actually need so much - this is my shopping list:

Here is my newest video. Individual competition hairstyle with middle parting. My national championship hairstlye - try it yourself.
Simply put: dancing is a sport and as such it can get pretty sweaty. Therefore, you should use beauty products that do not dissolve and trickle down your outfit with the first drop of sweat. In this article I will introduce some of my favourite beauty must-haves. Who knows, you might find something that can be of use for you, too.

Done! My newest video is finished. A simple but very elegant hair bun for those with long hair with similarly easy but handsome rhinestone decoration! Have fun and don't forget to share :-)

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