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Crimper Iron and Blonde Hair

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Fun with the High Bun

This is the first time I've tried to do an high bun. Thanks to my model Eva for the time she spent. I hope you like the video and I am glad if it helps you. Please share, like or comment :)


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My Hair Styling Shopping List

In order to create the perfect hairstyle, you should have some basic equipment at your disposal. You don't actually need so much - this is my shopping list:

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The twisted hairstyle

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Advanced Ballroom Hairstyle

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Easy BUN

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BALLROOM HAIRSTYLE with middle parting

Here is my newest video. Individual competition hairstyle with middle parting. My national championship hairstlye - try it yourself.

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Beauty Must-Haves for Dancers

Simply put: dancing is a sport and as such it can get pretty sweaty. Therefore, you should use beauty products that do not dissolve and trickle down your outfit with the first drop of sweat. In this article I will introduce some of my favourite beauty must-haves. Who knows, you might find something that can be of use for you, too.

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Ballroom Hairstyle: Long Hair

Done! My newest video is finished. A simple but very elegant hair bun for those with long hair with similarly easy but handsome rhinestone decoration! Have fun and don't forget to share :-)

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Simple Ballroom Makeup

Finally done! First video for simple ballroom makeup :-) :-) :-) Enjoy it and feel free to comment and share.

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Foundation, BB Cream, Concealer, Make-Up...?

Hearing all the makeup and styling terms, one can easily get lost: tinted day cream, BB cream, foundation, makeup base, concealer, powder etc. Plus, of course, the question comes to mind how to use all of them correctly. After years of experience I have found my way through the makeup jungle and found my own order.

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Ballroom Hairstyle Tutorial - shoulder-length Hair


Finally! My first video is ready. All too often can you see ladies with simple hair pins at a competition, or even worse with loose, flying hair. Hairspray still belongs to the world of myths and fairy tales for some. You are not just about to have a shower. You are going to a dancing floor, taking part in an artistic sport. That's why you should be styled accordingly. Never forget - a good impression is a part of the success! Judging criteria or not, you will always get a few beauty points. Have a look at how to make a competition hairstyle for women with shoulder-length hair. It looks complicated but it's really quite simply done.

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How to reduce “panda-eyes”

In the past, I often struggled with the problem of dark eye shadow falling on my cheeks. When I tried to wipe it away, it left dark stains under my eyes which made me look like a panda bear. It is really tedious to get rid of these stains and replace them with more make-up afterwards. I even tried to incline my head facing the floor in order to avoid the eye shadow falling on my cheeks but it is very difficult to make yourself up in this way. There is, however, a very easy solution.


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Dancer's best friend: Hairspray

In the last years girls have been asking me questions about the competition styling over and over again. Therefore I decided to share my experience with you :-)

Here is my first suggestion...

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